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Kitchen Renovations

V groove panel doors and 38" high counter

White Shaker Kitchen


Kitchens are an important part of our house and our lives. Whether it is because of damage or it just time to update it, we can help you explore your options by changing your kitchen layout, removing or adding walls and adding features to make your kitchen more functional. There are many suble things, that when planning a kitchen can greatley increase its functionality. An example is a kitchen pantry. They are great, but often so deep that things get lost at the back. By including a pullout unit, or adding pullout trays, you can use then entire space more effectiveley.

Combining  funtionality with aethestics allows us to provide you with a kitchen that is beautiful to look at and a joy to use. Call us for a free consultation and see what ideas and improvments we have in store for you, or take a look at our Kitchen Portfolio.